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9am-5pm EST

If you have registered, you will receive additional details, announcements and schedule updates
via email. We are constantly making changes and additions
to make sure this is an amazing event and experience for you.

(Feel free to contact Team ME with any additional questions by clicking here.)

Q. How do I know if the Speak For Pay™ is right for me—who is it designed for?

First, you don’t have to be an established speaker with an established platform. You don’t have to be polished—or famous! This training is for anyone with a
message who is ready to speak or even just curious about how the process works. We have designed this for speakers at ALL levels—from beginner to advanced.

Authors, visionaries, teachers, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and people of faith: If you have a story or a message to share with the world, or if you want to expand / grow your speaking business, the SPEAK FOR PAY™ is for you.

Q. Who is this event NOT for?

Doubters, complainers, procrastinators and those who don’t value the idea of investing in themselves are not a good fit for SPEAK FOR PAY™.

Q. Where will the event be held?

SPEAK FOR PAY™ will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, a city EXPLODING with commerce. Plus the international airport is extremely easy and accommodating for travel. We will send specific location details upon registration. We always choose beautiful locations and venues for our events because an attractive environment encourages creativity, which helps you to maximize your learning.

Q. Is the tuition tax-deductible?

Generally speaking, yes. Most professional development courses can be written off in part or completely as a business expense. Please consult with your tax adviser about your specific situation.

Q. Is there a refund and cancellation policy?

Tickets are non-refundable. They are transferrable, which means that you can sell or transfer your ticket to someone else. We will gladly change the name on the ticket for you if we are notified at least 30 days before the event.

Our money-back guarantee applies to those attending Speak for Pay.
Money Back Guarantee: If you attend SPEAK FOR PAY™ on April 8-11, 2015 and don’t feel like you have received your money’s worth before the end of Day 1, just turn in all of your materials to a designated member of Team ME, ask for a refund, exit the event and I’ll gladly honor your request.

So you risk nothing! Not one single penny. No questions asked. No hassle. I want you to be overjoyed with the information that I’m sharing with you. If you’re not completely satisfied, we will not keep your money.

Q.  What time will SPEAK FOR PAY™ start and finish?

SPEAK FOR PAY™ will start at 8:00 am EST and conclude at 10:00 pm EST on days 1 and 2. Day 3 will end by 5:00 pm. We recommend that you do not make any plans to leave until after 8:00 pm EST on day 3.
The schedule will be very, very full.

Q. Why not offer this as an online class? It would be much more convenient.

That’s exactly one of the reasons why this is a LIVE event—when you step out of your comfort zone and do what is inconvenient to make your dream come true, you receive much more value. Plus, there is nothing like the power, camaraderie and connection of a LIVE event.

Q. What will I learn—is the agenda available?

Here’s the overview of what we’ll cover.
Master Your Speaker Brand

  • How to Get Started as a Speaker
  • Finding Your Voice, Purpose, and Message as a Speaker (yes, you have something great to share!)
  • How to Take What You Know and Create a Platform (and how to make your mess a message, and your obstacles into amazing opportunities)
  • How to Standout & Get Noticed
  • Creating Your Speaker Image & Brand (and how your brand is the foundation for your empire)
  • Creating Your Magnetic Promotional Materials (speaker’s bio/media kit)
  • Reinventing & Upgrading Your Image, Packaging & Positioning
  • Confidence: How to Stop Thinking Small & Say Goodbye to Self-Sabotage Forever
  • Wealth-Attraction Mindsets, Strategies & Secrets

Map Your Profitability Plan & Revenue Streams as a Speaker
  • How to Get Booked as a Speaker (even if you’re new to the industry)
  • How To Set Your Fees, Enter into Contracts and Negotiate Fees from a Place of Power
  • The Way Speaker Bureaus Really Work (so you can partner with them for profit)
  • Secrets for Attracting Steady Streams of Ideal Clients & Lucrative Opportunities
  • Expanding Your Empire with Books, Products & High-Income Generating Programs
  • Tools & Systems for Running Your Successful Business Operations
  • Insider Secrets To Getting Rebooked Again & Again

Master the Art of Motivation, Presentation, Captivation & Communication from the Stage
  • How to Develop a Signature Speaking Style & Charisma
  • Magnetic Speech Mechanics: How to Craft a Signature Talk (step-by-step)
  • How to Become a Master Storyteller from the Stage (and connect powerfully from the heart)
  • Gender Differences in Communication Style
  • Presentation Psychology & the Psychology of Sales & Influence
  • How to Sell without “Selling” From the Stage (learn to maximize sales during your talk so you don’t turn them off at the end)
  • How to Overcome Fear, Nervousness & Anxiety So that You Can Communicate with Confidence

Q.  Why is the investment for the SPEAK FOR PAY™ Live Bootcamp more than for other events?

SPEAK FOR PAY™ is an incredibly content-rich training—this event is not cheap for a reason. One of the things Marshawn will teach you is how to get what you are worth. Investing in YOU is the BEST investment you can make. At SPEAK FOR PAY™, you will learn the steps necessary to launch and sustain a profitable BUSINESS model that leverages your expertise, know-how, and advice as a speaker.

Marshawn focuses on building the business of your speaker brand so that you can monetize brand YOU and also maximize your purpose. Marshawn and Team ME give a ton of information, inspiration, and implementable action steps. SPEAK FOR PAY™ is an investment in YOU, in your business and your dream.

This training gives you an action plan for building a lucrative speaking business—and its value is far greater that the ticket price. Also, we offer generous installment plans and significant savings for those who make their decision quickly and sign up early.

You get premium instruction at a premium location at a very reasonable rate.

Q.  What makes Marshawn qualified to teach on this topic?

Marshawn is currently one of the most in-demand, active and highly paid speakers in the country. She’s been a commentator on CNN, Fox Business and ESPN. In her first company, Communication Counts!, she coached Miss America and Miss USA contestants on their speaking. She’s worked on communications skills with hundreds of celebrities, athletes, entertainers, politicians, and corporate executives for many years. She also managed the brands for professional athletes in the NFL & NBA – building their speaking and endorsement platforms. She is now sharing her celebrity branding and expert positioning strategies with you.

Marshawn believes deeply in the power of speaking to transform lives—and loves to share what she knows. At SPEAK FOR PAY™, she’ll be giving away ALL of her secrets for stage success.

Q.  So, what are the benefits of attending?

  • When you attend SPEAK FOR PAY™, you’ll spend 3 days in a supportive, creative environment crafting your signature talk and outlining your bio and your media kit.
  • You’ll walk through a launch plan and have plenty of time for live message-makeovers and presentation critique sessions.
  • You’ll learn how to work with speakers’ bureaus and set your fees so you can immediately begin generating income as a speaker.
  • You’ll leave SPEAK FOR PAY™ with more confidence, a detailed blueprint, step-by-step playbook, and sample contracts to help you with every phase as you build your speaking platform.
  • Plus you’ll connect with hundreds of other like-minded women of faith and become part of a vibrant and supportive community.

Q. What do I say to my spouse/partner who is skeptical about this?

First, you can tell them that attending SPEAK FOR PAY™ is an investment that you are making in yourself and your brand—and that you will be learning to master one of the most lucrative opportunities available.

Tell them that this is not a typical training, but that It’s a “working bootcamp” and high-level business training. You are attending to do some serious work on your speaker brand and getting information necessary to turn this into a business.

Remind them that this is more than your dream – this is part of your called and something you feel very led to do. This is a business and an opportunity, but it’s even bigger than just that.

Tell them that Marshawn has walked this path and will be sharing exactly what she did to become one of the most in-demand, active and highly paid speakers in the country—with clients like HP, Delta Air Lines, Rolls-Royce, Tiffany & Co.  And that being part of the ME University community means that you are also associating with these brands, too.

Remind them that this is the TIME to be focusing on creating our own economyas a family. We have to take control of our finances and make investments in our future.

That there has never been a time with more opportunity as so many in the world are seeking answers and guidance—that you can provide.

And finally, ask for their support as you seek to live your divine calling at a deeper and higher level.

(Family + Finances Note for those with Children): Studies have found that moms and dads are better parents when they are living their calling with purpose, passion, and fulfillment. It helps their kids expand their horizons and make better choices. There are times when parents need to invest funds into their own development so that they can provide a better life for their family. A short-term investment can produce long-term rewards. Remind your spouse that this is not going to be “taking away” time and resources from your family. In fact, by stepping into your calling and creating a lucrative brand, you will be able to bring even more to your family, your marriage, your children, and your life.

Here are few other talking points for you (if they apply):

  • Sharing my voice & raising my visibility is one of the best ways to elevate my brand, business, and/or income.
  • Speakers attract more clients, opportunities, and income far more easily than those who do not speak.
  • I want to learn from someone that knows what they are doing.
  • Marshawn has been there and is currently doing what I want to do. She is someone with similar values, beliefs, character and work ethic to mine. She is also a woman of faith and operates at a very high levels in the marketplace.
  • Marshawn has a ton of success stories working with people just like me.
  • It is best to learn from someone who is currently doing what I want to do so that I can get the right guidance.
  • I am committed to succeeding at this. I just need your commitment and support.